Meet your friends easily

Invite your friends, vote on a date, time and place, chat and meet up. Send your friends an invite with all the details.

Invite your friends

Select as many friends as you want and invite them to go out. Everyone will be notified. Forgot to add someone? Add them later – they will be notified too. “Can I tell my friend Alex to come along too?”. Sure, everyone can invite others – the more the merrier.

Suggest a place

Search for that pub, bar, cáfe, restaurant, park, museum, gallery that you'd like to meet up and everyone will get all the details. No more “where are we meeting again?”

Suggest a date and time

Pick up to three dates and let your friends vote on what works for them. Wimit will figure out the best date when everyone can make it. No more mental gymnastics trying to figure out who can make it when.

Say when you can make it

Vote on the dates and times that your friends suggest. None of the dates work for you? Propose some other time and let your friends say if they can make it.

Done. No fuss

Confirm the place, date, and time when you are meeting with one tap. Wimit will let everyone know. Change of plans? No problem – update the invite and everyone will be notified.

Talk about the fun stuff

Talk about what you've been up to instead of trying to figure out when and where you'll meet up. Life is short – skip the noise, keep the fun.

Stay organised

Life can be busy – sometimes it's hard to keep all the things you have to do in your head. Wimit will do that for you – keep all the details of when you are meeting up with friends neatly in your calendar. Sorted.

Meet your friends and have fun